Policy Recommendations

What is Policy Recommendations?

The Policy Recommendations document is intended to provide a set of practical recommendations that look at the multifaceted dimension of (cyber)bullying among children and adolescents. We hope that the ideas contained here will help civil society, NGOs, educational staff, social services, health and care professionals, policymakers, and other relevant stakeholders to create an enabling policy environment for a more effective prevention, detection, and response to (cyber)bullying.

Our recommendations are based upon the work carried out by the EC-funded KID_ACTIONS project. The KID_ACTIONS project aims to create a range of evidence-based innovative tools to tackle cyberbullying among young people aged 11-19. They reflect the views of many stakeholders, experts and young people consulted at different stages of the project as well as our review of evidence and relevant international and EU policy guidelines in the field.

We sincerely hope that the ideas contained here will help to provide a sound basis to further the discussion at the EU and national level. Ultimately, we hope that they will contribute to inspire many stakeholders to continue exchanging expertise, good practices, and increasing collaboration so that together we continue fighting cyberbullying at school and beyond.

These policy recommendations are available in English, Italian and French.

Policy Recommendations (EN)

Recommandations Politiques (FR)

Raccomandazioni Politiche (IT)

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