The KID_ACTIONS Lab served as an advisory group to provide recommendations and develop guidelines for a whole-community strategy for the prevention, intervention and treatment of cyberbullying-related risks.

The composition of the KID_ACTIONS Lab

The KID_ACTIONS lab brought together partners from the KID_ACTIONS project, researchers, representatives from NGOs and representatives from the industry who were (indirectly) working towards approaches to combat cyberbullying.

KID_ACTIONS Lab mission

By building, empowering and widening the KID_ACTIONS Lab throughout the whole project duration, we aimed to increase stakeholders’ and partners’ level of involvement and the number of relevant stakeholders interested in the project, facilitate the exchange of good practices on cyberbullying and mutual learning, consolidate lessons-learned from past international, European and national projects, and foster networking and knowledge/technology transfer across Europe and across sectors. During the second year of the project, the focus was on empowering the KID_ACTIONS Lab by offering the member stakeholders opportunities for increasing their knowledge, skills, and competencies thanks to the KID_ACTIONS solutions.


Members of KID_ACTIONS Lab

There were 31 experts in the lab representing various sectors:

Name Organisation, Country 
Valerio Basile University of Turin, Italy
Elena Cabrio Université Côte d’Azur, Inria, CNRS, I3S, France
Federico Faloppa University of Reiding, UK
Dario Ianes Free University of Bolzano, Italy
Anita Lavorgna University of Southampton, UK
Karen Linten IMEC – Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
Michelle O’Reilly University of Leicester, UK
Educators/ youth workers
Name Organisation
Nami Isaki Center for Intercultural Dialogue
Mary Ioannidou YEU Cyprus
Helen Link YEU Estonia
Jelena Karac OPENS2019
Jurij Matkovič Mladinski center BiT so.p.
Sulaima Ramadan
Yannis Tsilsou United Societies of Balkans
Grigor Yeritsyan Armenian Progressive Youth NGO
Industry representatives
Name Organisation
Laura Higgins Roblox
Elizabeth Milovidov LEGO Group
Elena Sidorova 4INDATA
EU/national policymakers
Name Organisation
Katarina Aleksic Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development
Stephane Chaudron Joint Research Centre (JRC) – ISRA
Niamh Molloy Irish Department of Education
Susan Mulhall Irish Department of Education
Danijela Scepanovic Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development
Civil society/ NGOs / independent experts
Name Organisation
Barbara Buchegger OIAT (Austrian Safer Internet Centre)
Sabine Coppens
Kies Kleur Tegen Pesten
Giuliano De Luca De Luca Law Firm / Italian Safer Internet Centre (Generazioni Connesse)
International Observatory for School Climate and Violence Prevention (IOSCVP)
Celia Falcon ITU
Bill Howe StopHate UK
Stefan Manevski COE
João Pedro Martins Better Internet for Kids (BIK) Youth Ambassador
Beybin Tunç COFACE
Health care sector representative
Name Organisation
Elena Bravi Psychology Operative Unit

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