The KID_ACTIONS project is excited to announce the launch of the Educational Toolkit. The Educational Toolkit aims to counter peer violence amongst young people, discrimination, and intolerance and to break down stereotypes in the online and offline world.  

This Toolkit is aimed at formal and non-formal educators to be used with young people starting from the age of 11 until 18-years-old. The Toolkit consists of 20 activities with three foci: to understand, prevent and respond to cyberbullying. Next to the different foci of the activities, the activities are also categorised by five key aspects of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL): self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision-making.

The activities in the Toolkit can be filtered on: the focus of the activity, the age-group and the SEL key competencies. To help educators find their way through the toolkit, a Guidance document is provided. In which educators can find more background information on the toolkit and follow suggested pathways to go through the toolkit, depending on the specific needs of their learners. Next to that, a Child Protection Guidance document is available, to safeguard youth when using the KID_ACTIONS Educational materials.

Once the educator selected the activity they wish to include in their teaching, the activity page will be shown with all relevant materials and information. There is also an option to download the materials in PDF format. Some of the activities are related to the digital tools provided on the Digital Education Platform. If the activity uses one of the digital tools that are presented in the Digital Education Toolkit, a video is included with instructions on how to use the digital tools.

Make sure to look at the KID_ACTIONS Educational Toolkit, as the wide variety of activities presents valuable content for everyone interested to counter cyberbullying amongst young people.