The KID_ACTIONS lab brings together partners from the KID_ACTIONS project, researchers, representatives from NGOs and representatives from the industry to provide recommendations and develop guidelines for a whole-community strategy for the prevention, intervention and treatment of cyberbullying-related risks.

The members of the KID_ACTIONS lab will share the work they do in combatting cyberbullying, discuss relevant developments in the field and share best practices amongst each other in online meetings during the second year of the KID_ACTIONS project.

Next to this, the members of the KID_ACTIONS lab will contribute to the editorial coverage on the KID_ACTIONS website, by shining a light on recent developments in the field they work in related to cyberbullying. Or by sharing their expertise and thoughts on theories and debates in the academic world on cyberbullying. As well as the publication of research articles written by the members of the lab on this website.

Finally, some of the members will contribute to the second EU Policy, Research and Practitioners Forum by taking part either as a participant or as a speaker. Due to the different backgrounds of the members of the lab, the expectation is that there will be interesting and fruitful discussions coming from this.

Are you an expert in the field and have an interest in and connection to combat cyberbullying? Are you interested to take part in this KID_ACTIONS lab? We have a few spots left! Express your interest by sending an email mentioning the KID_ACTIONS lab in the subject line and we will get back to you!

Visit the KID_ACTIONS Lab webpage to learn more about the initiative and to get to know the members of the lab.
Make sure to keep an eye on this page regularly for updates on the lab.


Image credit: Dylan Gillis | Unsplash